Friday, 29 August 2014

Rainy days

We've had some rainy days recently and I'm getting a bit tired of coming into work, feeling like I just jumped into a pool.  Feet are soaked, pants and shirt are drenched. 

I've recently added in a rain coat to my front bag, it folds up into a nice bundle.  I've also added a ziplock bag to my front bag, so I can put my wallet, keys and cell phone in.  Never know when rain is going to come..

Lessons Learned: 

  • Even if your cell phone is in the front bag, the bag isn't water proof!  Ziplocks are however.


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  2. Try the MEC foot drenchers?

    Only had a chance to wear them once so far. Kept my feet pretty dry in a downpour.

  3. I think, since I'm not using locking shoes to my peddles.. I would shred the bottom of those damn fast. But I could rig it to attach to my shoes (which would be just for biking) something to think about, for sure.