Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sticking to the right side

Sharrow : Wikipedia definition

I already talked about how some people who ride bikes don't know there hand gestures and then there are some people have no clue on how to ride on a bike lane.  They are slow riders, staying in the middle of the lane or left side of the lane (I'm guessing they don't understand there distance) which ends up hogging the lane.  I always try to stay to the right side, so people can pass with out making them veering off onto the road.  I would reference the picture on the right side, but imagine a pile of cars on the road.
Faded paint
I like "Sharrows" when they are implemented with some thought and part of the road and not just some random add on.  Sometimes I come across some sharrows and they just end for no reason. Sometimes the paint is so worn out, no one even knows there is a sharrows there. 

There are some sharrows that scare the crap out of me at times.. mostly when the sharrow is on the drivers side and the cars can park on the right side, setup perfectly for dooring. A friend of mine, got doored the other day, while on a sharrows path, front tire broken, lost a days worth of work, taking the bus to work and is still walking a bit funny a few days later.

There is a sharrow spot in Ottawa, where it's about a foot from the curb and the curb is so high that if you are pedaling, you will hit the sidewalk. So your forced to ride on the left side of the sharrow. Think just a little more thought needs to be put into these.
My Ideal Sharrow
I feel a lot safer when there is a sharrow on the right side and the cars park on the left. But those are far and few between. Even better, is the barrier. The barrier is overkill but it stops the cars from suddenly pulling into the Sharrow just to drop someone off or to pick up someone.

Lessons Learned:
  • When on a sharrow with parked cars on the right side, SLOW DOWN, look for heads in the drivers seat and be very careful.
  • If there is a safer but longer way to get somewhere, take the safer way.

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