Friday, 22 August 2014

Blinking lights on bicycles

I can't stand being behind someone with a red blinking light.  Honestly, I get a head ache.  These aren't cool.. and are totally unnecessary!  They aren't a replacement for red reflectors..

See when someone has a white blinking light, I normally let them pass. But when it's a red in the rear, I can't do anything about it but let stop and let the person get a good lead on me.


Lessons Learned:

  • Do onto others as you wish to be done onto you.  (Really, if I had a life motto, this would be it.)


  1. In Ontario you need a light or you need you need to cover your entire rear fork with red reflective tape, if you ever plan on driving 30 mins before dusk to 30 mins after dawn. A light is just easier. Especially at a border area with Quebec, where a light also covers being a rear reflector (and you need lights to ride at night).

    That being said, most lights can be set to either blink or steady.

    I've set mine to blink only once, I got caught out darker than I thought. You really want to be noticed on a rural road at night. On an urban bike path I'd probably just stick to steady.

    1. I can see one setting to "blink" when your in the middle of no where but for me, on a clearly marked bike path, these are just SO distracting.