Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ride with the family and eating better

My kids wanted to go out for some ice cream and I decided they needed to earn it.  Not just by doing chores but working out.  So 15km bike ride to the ice cream store and 15km back.  My daughter opted to roller blade (slowed us down but she got a work out all the same) and my son, is in a orange shirt in the far distance.  By the time we got back home, both kids were exhausted!  More days like this, is in order..

After this ride, I converted my 2nd electric bike back into a generic hybrid mountain bike for my daughter to ride.  New seat, New pedals, tightened breaks, greased up the chain, took out the hub motor and all the electrical wires that goes with it. Almost as good as new bike just for her.
We also decided to toss out all the "pop" from the house, decided that it wasn't required in our home anymore. Down goes 2 Liters worth of Coca-Cola and it felt good.  No more crappy chips, etc.

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