Thursday, 7 August 2014

Raised stem (again)

Old and new side by side
Decided that the handle bars need to come up just a little more and a little closer, my hand was still going a bit numb from the long drives into work.  Cost $10, which is worth the cost to avoid hand numbing!  I'm amazed at how easy the install is.  

So the new one is higher and shorter.

With the new configuration I can feel my back is straighter and the bike feels crazy tall.  This is going to take a few rides to get use to.

Making these minor changes is so easy and so worth it. Making the bike fit you is so important.  Since my bike has some electronics on the handle bars, I have to make sure that the wires can still move freely and not get pulled tight.
Installation Complete

At the same time I put some two way sticky Velcro under the bell clamp.  The screw won't hold onto the large size handle bars and I can't find a bell that fits this size.

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