Monday, 11 August 2014

Aylmer Car Show

In the town of Aylmer, Quebec. There is an annual car show that shows off big gas thirsty muscle cars, custom cars, etc. Just as I have every year, I went to look around.  I do appreciate the old cars.  This time I went by bike and not by car, never any parking anyways.

Walking from one side of the show to the other side, I must of been pulled over 20 times. People asking me about my e-bike, where did I get it, how much does it cost.  There were other e-bikes there, but not like mine.

Even had one person offer to buy it from me.  I said $3000, they thought about it and decided to pass.

I honestly felt like one of the exhibits.  People asked about the specifications, distance I can travel, speed, where did I get it, how did I put it together.  

I met someone with a Bionix modified hybrid mountain bike and they had over 100,000km on it.  Batteries were pretty much finished, so I explained to him how to replace them.  His motor looked in excellent condition, so I'm sure with new batteries his bike will be good as new.

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