Monday, 18 August 2014

My ride to work..

I wanted to take a few pictures to remind myself of why my ride into work is so awesome.  The ride is near perfect.  Wonderful views, straight paths with green overhangs, etc..  It makes me start and end of the day with a smile.

I'm on roads until this point.  No SKI-DOOs!

Long straight paths with slight inclines.

Nice long bridge, love the sounds of the tires make when on this.

Long sloping turns, makes the lean in to the curve feel right

This part of the path always makes me wonder what the plan was, at the end of this little path ends with a cliff.  Normally the stones are in the way to block it but people keep moving them.  I wonder how many people drove off this?

This one I didn't stop for, but look at all that lovely green.. I get this for almost 20 minutes straight.

Then I cross on the bridge, nice sized sharrow on the right side.

View to the right of the path, always so scenic.

On the Ontario side and more long paths along the water.

An old decommissioned train bridge. 

View from top of the bridge. Bike path and then downtown. I'm always amazed how Ottawa just pops up.

Last little bridge and then to the right.  Then your downtown Ottawa.

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