Monday, 25 August 2014

Being predictable

I've come to the conclusion that in order to be safe on the road while driving a car, driving a motor cycle, driving a motor bike, or walking is to be predictable. 

If everyone can figure out what your doing, then everyone can drive safely.

Today, I almost hit a woman.  It would of totally been my fault, since she was stopping at a stop sign on a bicycle path.  This should be a yield but I've never seen a yield sign on a bike path in Ottawa. It's always a stop sign and at this particular crossing I've never seen anyone ever stop there, since the road is a dead end and you can see cars VERY clearly. 

But since the woman decided to obey the law and not be predictable, an accident almost occurred and I can assure you that it wouldn't of been me that would of got hurt.

Many time, when I come to a stop light. I'll pull into traffic and take the road from the cars.  Just so they know what my intention is, either turning left or going straight.  Once the traffic starts to move again, I'll move back to the right side of the road, so I am not slowing traffic down.

Lessons Learned:

  • Not everyone has common sense.
  • Being predictable is essential to safe riding

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  1. Gotta always expect the unexpected. Last time I said "Passing on the left!" to a roller blader, they literally jumped to the left (directly into my path).