Thursday, 21 August 2014

No car challange

I was going to make this a huge, post.  Day by day, blow by blow events about the challenges that I came across, but there were no real challenges, it was REALLY easy. I made a challenge to myself, mostly due to no-one watching, I could have easily used my car.  The challenge was simple.
  • Wife and Kids are gone. I have the house to myself;
  • When away, don't use the car or van, for ANY REASON;
  • Groceries done by bike;
  • Go to the movies and watch Guardians of the Galaxy;
  • Go to work by bike (Already doing this);
  • Go to church by bike;
  • Go over to my brothers place by bike.
You get the point.  And the challenge is over and I won! I've always said I wasn't doing this to be greener, nor to help save the environment.  I'm doing this for me.

Lessons Learned: 
  • No kids, means the groceries bill is much smaller.
  • Picked up a small bungee cargo net for the rear of my bike, this made the grocery toting easier. Put the groceries in a plastic bag, tie up said bag, put it under the bungee net and the way I went.  Yes, I didn't get eggs...

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