Monday, 1 September 2014

I can't stop..

When I decided I needed to have dual disk breaks, I have a feeling that going hydrolic may not have been the exact course of action.  The pressure changes very easily, based on my elevation, climate etc..  So after 3500km my break pads gave up.  I'm not sure what the average span of break pads are but the replacements cost me $25

Reviewing the scoring of the pads, I can tell that my bikes rear breaks are misaligned. I'm sure that most of this was not from breaking but from coasting.  I've taken the screws off my rear breaks and just put the rear breaks on the disk, reviewed it's resting position and figured out how many washers I needed to place to space it to that location.  I have no idea if that's how to align your breaks but it's logical.

Now to see if I got it right or if I drive and feel like my breaks are on constantly.  I might ditch the hydrolic breaks all together and go for a cable based system, which I can adjust a little easier then putting fluid in.

Lessons Learned:

  • Have spare break pads, there are SO many different styles out there, finding the correct ones can be a bit of a challenge.


  1. Not an expert on hydraulic brakes but 3500km for pads seems like a good deal!

  2. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating that I have no idea what an expected life expectancy of rear disk breaks are.