Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I really can't understand why SO many people take the chance and drive with no helmet. It's not rocket science to put one on and make it comfortable.

I feel naked with out my helmet and nor would I drive with out it.  Now, since I have almost no hair (partially on purpose) my sweat comes down fast, so I have to wear a cloth skull cap.  Helps a lot with keeping the sweat out of my eye's.

In Ontario and Quebec, there is a rule that mandates all kids under 16 years of age to have to wear a helmet with any bike and all people driving an electric bike has to wear one also.

I've seen a helmet save more then one skull in my time and I've seen some skulls caved in, due to the lack of a helmet.  So why are SO many people still driving with out a helmet...

Lessons Learned: 

  • Always wear a helmet!


  1. I always wear mine. Thinking of getting a couple more so I don't have to wash one so often.

    I'm visiting a province where helmets are mandatory. I prefer not having it mandatory though, people who don't wear helmets tend to be a "self-correcting problem." :D

    1. Was thinking of getting another one that has a retractable sunglass visor vs. wearing glass's but I haven't found one that fits nice on my 18" head.