Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bad wire day

So driving to work, I took a sharp and hard turn to miss a runner, who was running the opposite side of the path way on a 45 angle turn and avoiding hitting her.  But my rear tire decided that would be an excellent time to come loose.  My tire right side came loose and brought my bike to a instant standstill with out using my breaks.  

My wires took all my weight and wrapped around the bolt to stop the bike.  Some wires got shredded, which means my bike is out of commission until I fix it.  I need to open the hub motor with some special tools and re-attach the wires to the halo effects sensors.  I think I'm in for a world of hurt!

Shredded wires

I've been thinking that I might just buy another motor and replace this one.  But before I jump to that, I want to make sure it's working right..  If I order a replacement motor now, I could be driving in 2 weeks.  

And me not biking to work and back from work is making me irritable..  I want to bike.

I wish I had ANOTHER bike just to keep myself going in the mean time. 

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  1. I love having 2 bikes for exactly this reason. I haven't had to use it much as my local bike shop are fanatical about getting me up and running fast.

    Have you considered going to a used bike shop and picking something up cheap? I have been checking out places for a decent mountain bike I can convert to winter use.