Monday, 22 September 2014

No more rear tire...

So here is my bike, with no rear tire on it.  I've used a chair to keep the back end propped up until the replacement tire comes in. It's a lot lighter with out the hub motor on the back end, I was actually surprised.

The bike looks SO naked!
The new rear should fit on nicely, with very little modifications.  The controller will have to be moved at some point.  I've been looking for something smaller to case this in, like a small electrical box but in the mean time I've picked up some 35mm Muffler U clamps that I'm going to drill into the bottom of the casing and mount it to the front area.  There is no reason why this box is this big, other then it was designed to sit and look nice on the rear wheel basket. 

I could just take the controller out of the box and place it in the front bag but I think that wouldn't be a good option in the long hauls.  That controller can heat up a significant amount.  In the mean time, the bike is in the shed.. *sniff*

I've received a FedEx tracking number and it's estimated to delivered to my door by this coming Wednesday! So close...

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  1. Hope it comes in for you soon. It really shows how much you miss riding it.