Monday, 15 September 2014

Warranty and Reconfiguration

1=Battery, 2= Controller, 3=Hub motor
With the demise of my rear motor, I've contacted the company I got it from and they will replace my rear motor hub motor, due to it not being installed correctly.

I've requested that the replacement motor come in the form of a front wheel. With me and my leg strength causing the motor to go and combined with the electric motor, the back end gets way to much torque.  Off balancing to the front tire shares the work load and offloads some of the rear weight to the front.

My second ebike was a front motor and I loved it. Promised myself I would never have a rear motor again and well.. here I am deal with some rear motor issues.

I'm really looking forward to getting this back up and running.  I truly miss biking in to work and home again.  My brother has lent me his standard mountain bike, which I've driven around the block a few times, tuned up, etc.. but it isn't the same.  My plan is to use the mountain bike, so I don't loose my biking legs.  Which after my first ride around the area, realized I had already loss some of my leg strength.

All I have to pay, is the shipping.  Which I am not sure how much that will be! 


  1. Will having the controller up front affect your pedaling?

    Smart to use a second bike to keep up fitness. When I don't bike as much (ie vacation) I find my leg strength keeps up but my ability to suck in oxygen suffers.

    1. On my second ebike, I had the controller up there too. It worked out but I will have to make a slim box compared to the big square I have. Last time I found a plastic electrical box, bolted it to the frame with U rings and drilled some ventilation holes to allow the heat sink to breath. I'm thinking this time, the heat sink will be exposed to the air directly. I'm still working this part out now, while the new hub motor is being shipped in.

      I was amazed how fast one week off the bike did.