Thursday, 18 September 2014

Weight Balance

I came the conclusion that I should do a little bit of math before I get my new hub motor.  And that's when it dawned on me the weight differences between my front tire and back tire.  The front has never popped a tire, and that's due to the weight difference between the front and the rear tire.  Once I weighted the rear hub motor, I suddenly realized how much pressure I'm putting on the back tire.  Moving the motor to the front just seems like that much better of an idea! 

Bike = 25 pounds
1 = 10 pounds
2=1 pound
3=125 pounds
Rider= 300 pounds

Still want to put a Black Floyd tire on the rear. This tire is thicker then the spider tire treads I'm currently using and is designed for paved roads.  My biggest issue is that the only available Black Floyd tires I can find are the ones with the TAN walls, which unless I replace both my tires, won't look that great.  I'm still going to hold off until Spring comes around.

Also, with the hub motor being pushed to the front, I'll now have a basic front and rear tire available to make this a non-motor "fat bike".  I really can't wait to go biking again! Looking back at a previous post remind me of what I am missing!

Ride to Work


  1. How long till you're back on the road again?

    I'm on a little hiatus myself. Got that nasty cold that's going around. Hoping it breaks today because I really miss biking.

    Are you buying tires in town or online? I'm shopping for some spiked tires for my new winter ride.

    1. There is a shop on Wellington called "Tall Tree Cycle" that specialize in Fat bikes for winter riding. I've had a cold the last few day myself, just taking my breath away. So even using the borrowed bike has been a struggle.

      I'm just waiting for the tracking number. No clue how much shipping is going to cost me.

  2. Mike, I wouldn't recommend the Black Floyd tires. They will wear quickly, and are prone to punctures. Certainly, do not put one up front, as the handling will be very strange at low pressures, and traction may be unsafe at higher pressures. There are some good deals on tires these days, including a few options from Vee rubber (Mission, Devis8er). The Surly Larry is still a very good all around tire, with a solid centerline to ensure an efficient ride on pavement.