Monday, 29 September 2014

Wheels are in!

The weather has cleared up to almost summer weather again! And the new wheels have arrived in the correct configuration this time. Motor on front!  This has led to some reconfiguration of the bike itself.

The operation has started, bike on its head and time to take it almost all apart. It's going to be a few days of working on this on and off to get it back up to road worthy speed.  I still need to swap out the rubber on these, but when the warranty tires came in, it came with brand new rubber.  I have a hard time justifying to myself new items when the old ones are working.

I have my wire cutters, shrink wrap, zap straps, torch, Velcro, wrench, screw drivers, pump, I'm ready to go!

I have to: 

  • Balance the tires, get the bead on correctly, etc. Stuff I never really had to care about to much when I drove just a mountain bike. You can see the left (front one) looks a bit lopsided;
  • Swap out the break disks from small plates to the larger ones;
  • Re-align the disk breaks cupplers;
  • Strip out almost all the wires from the frame;
  • Splice the new motor into the old controller;
  • Re-adjusted the rear de-railer;
  • Move the controller to the front;
  • Re-programme the controller for the new motor (learning cycles)

Lessons Learned:
So much stuff so little time.  I tried to squeeze the time to rebuilt this bike in the middle of doing a pile of other events, such as being an MC for a fundraiser, Ambassador for a gaming convention, spending time with my kids and wife.

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