Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tools for the road?

I'm not happy with this bag, it's a little too small and it doesn't come off easily.  I've been looking for a nice bag that clips onto the handle bars but all the bike shops have them sold out and I keep getting told new inventory will be coming in two weeks.  The only place that did have a clip on front bag was asking for $150!  Uh, no thanks.

Classic Leather man (Love this tool)

Tools I keep in my bag:

  1. Multitool Leatherman, this gives a knife, phillips screw driver, flat head screw driver, file and a can opener.
  2. 2x Wrenchs (One for the seat bolt and another for the tire bolts)
  3. Set of Allen keys for different sizes.
  4. Spare tube
  5. Small pump (emergency use only, thinking of putting in a C02 compressed gas one)
  6. 3x zap straps for emergency tie wrap issues.
Lessons Learned:
  • Share the weight load, keeping stuff on the front keeps the bike feeling a little more balanced.  Instead of putting everything in the back.
  • Don't pick up a tool kit bag, you will end up with more tools then you need.  Keeping things light and minimal is essential.

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