Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Taming the Controller

This is only for the Conhisto motor controller. If you have something else, this won't work for you. I couldn't really find anything online about this, so I had to do my own deductions when it comes to the advanced parameters.

Holding the S+ and the S- for a few seconds, you get the following options. P01 - P08.  I contacted the OEM of the controller and their .PDF for the controller was so limited.
Here's what I've decoded:

P01 is wheel size (this is required to correctly figure out how fast your going)
P02 is the number of magnets in your motor for speed interpretation
P03 is Backlight
P04 is KM vs M
P05 is Voltage
P06 is sleep time for the display (set it to zero)
P07 is max speed
P08 is where it gets its speed signal from for the display

I've set the controller to be at P07 at 19, which after doing some quick calculations is the speed in miles, even though I have P04 in KM. This limits the bike to the legal 32km.

I don't normally go any faster then 25km anyways, because after 25km the motor is going faster then I can pedal.. and that's not my goal.  I want the work out.  So I keep telling myself.

Lessons Learned:
  1. P02 is an important setting.  When playing around with this (trying to figure out what it does) I set the magnets way to low and when I started going faster (10Km +) the motor went to fault.  Which locked the back wheel for a half a second, causing my way to tight valve to rip from my rim and causing me to have a flat.
  2. When playing with the settings, write down what the OEM has pre-defined.  If anything, you can always change it back to those settings.
Note: PAS = Settings are 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%, of what the motor is capable of vs. what the max speed is set to.  So when I set the max speed of 19km and I use PAS 60%, the bike shoots up to 35km!  There really should be a way to adjust each setting.


  1. Welcome to the bike blogging community. I found you at 26 inch slicks blog.

  2. Thanks, do you know of any other "fat" bike blogs?

  3. I can't figure out how to program the pas. Very frustrating..