Saturday, 12 July 2014

PAS (Power Assised System)

I've yet found a nice version of PAS.  This bike is set to 31.5km at max speed, if I had the throttle turned all the way.  I don't ever driving the throttle turned all the way, unless I have to.

So with the PAS on, as soon as I start pedaling the bike.. it tries to take off and get to 31.5km instantly, which means the bike motor is working crazy hard for no good reason and I'm not getting any kind of work out.  Which sucks..  So now, I am always holding the half thumb throttle open a little bit.. to give that little boost.  It's a big bike, you need a little boost to keep it going.

Due to my hand needing to be on the handle bars at all time, my right hand has been going numb.  My rides are anywhere between 50-1hr, so it's time to look into doing something about it.  The stem needs to be raised from the default low size.

I'm down another 10lbs and I'm still very much enjoying my ride to work! Actually looking forward to waking up and going for the ride.

My ideal controller would have.

1- Multiple modes (no PAS, only throttle control)
2- Different settings of PAS, like 5km assist and 10km assist and 15k assist.

Lessons Learned:
  1. Cheap controllers == Cheap settings
Link for more about PAS, click here.

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