Thursday, 10 July 2014

Modifications for my needs

Here a list of some modifications / tweaks that needed to be done, after receiving the bike.
  1. The bike frame is so large, that the cuppler that holds the U lock in place couldn't fit anywhere else. I got the ABUS longest U lock rated at 9.  After putting the lock on the front spoke, I thought it looked pretty cool.
  2. Daves Mud Shovel! This little mud deflector has been amazing when dealing with rain / puddles.  Its so wide, that it takes the break off spray from the tire perfectly.  I ordered it from Ebay.  I only got the front one since I'm kind of short and the back one connected to the seat post.  It's already holding the controller box back saddle.  So I skipped out on the back one "for now".
  3. The default seat was terrible. I tried for about a week with it and I ended up going and getting a nice rear spring one and added the gel seat cover.  SO MUCH BETTER.
  4. Added in a bell. Not a big deal right? Well that handle bar is busy and it goes from small on the outside to a larger size in the middle.  Added in the bell was a bigger challenge then I originally thought it would be. I ended up gluing the bell onto the handle bars as, there was no way the bell would be able to screw in.
  5. This will be another post, but by default this part wasn't put together very well.  The controller was inside, but just bouncing around on the inside.  When I opened it up.. I laughed.
  6. When the bike came to me, the arms were on the inside.  After 20km of driving you can see the wear on the wall of the rear tire. I had to move the arms out, bend the metal a little and then it worked much better.
  7. The default pedals were cheap! After riding about 100km, I broke one of the pedals.  So I took the pedals off my 2nd gen ebike and it's been fine since.  I'm thinking of getting those straps for the pedals that stop my feet from sliding.  When these pedals get wet, my feet slip... ALOT.
Lessons Learned:
  • Get a proper bike lock, at first I only had a cheap lock.. and I would get paranoid someone was going to come by and snip the lock and walk away with my bike.  Getting a high quality bike lock, gives a peace of mind and allows me to not check on the bike every hour, to ensure it's still there.
  • Bells are a legal requirement, even though my bike equipped with a horn. A very high pitched girly horn.  I STILL have to have a bell by law.

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