Monday, 7 July 2014

Intro and why

Intro: Okay, so I've been thinking of making a journal of my rides and lessons learned from my experiences.  I've always loved to ride bikes (never could run) but riding a bike to almost all my jobs has been a near impossible task.  Until I came across a ebike and my world changed. I'm not here to save the environment or save gas.  I'm here to have fun, work out and enjoy life.

Little about me:
A- I live in Ottawa.  It's the Capital of Canada and it's a very spread out city. 

B- I'm 38 and I am a fat guy, weighing in at 340lbs at the height of 5"5.  I'm okay with how I look as thankfully, I've had no health problems.  No cholesterol issues, blood pressure if fine, etc. 

C- I'm a husband, father of two and I have a successful career. (At least I think so) But I am not going to talk about my job, other then the fact I bike to work.

Why: So I can remember my lessons learned about being a fat guy trying to get some exercise. It's a challenge and going to the gym is not my idea of fun.  I've been to a lot of gyms and most of the time I am judged by everyone with some disguising looks thrown my way, which mostly happens when I'm in work out clothing and working up a sweat!

I needed to do something, lifting weights at home wasn't working.. taking long walks wasn't working.  Yes, I've changed my diet a few times to adjust for living and eating better.  I've tried to live like a rabbit and it only lasts for a week or two.. then it's down hill.

So I'm going to post a few more posts today.

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