Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rattle and Humm

Being a Electric bike, it makes a lot of sounds that aren't normally found on non-electric bikes. The large sized hub motor causes the spokes to flex a little more then other bikes I've driven and the 500 Watt motor whine is acceptable, since the motor is behind me but when riding I have a subconsciously ease up on the motor (if I'm using it at all) to avoid the noise pollution.

But the bike is still making some rattle noise.  I opened up my controller case and placed some thin strips of foam around the seal of the casing.  Rattle noise is gone.  I'll have to trim the part that is sticking out at some point.

However the hum part I can't do anything about until I replace the tires.  The Spider tread is wearing out already, due to the long commutes on paved roads / paths I've been taking.

The bike feels better and more solid since the rattle went away.  Ah, its the little things.  Now I might be to quiet, since people can't hear me coming.

Next time I open up the back side I'll add some picture of what is going on inside of my little black box.  I'll be trimming the foam off, to give it a better look.  Ideally, I'm going to replace the foam with some black weather stripping.

Funny part was, I pulled out my old hybrid (non-motor) bike and it felt so.. light, flimsy, unstable, cheap, .. I could go on.  Guess I'm officially use to driving a big, solid bike now.  I couldn't imagine what a speed bike would feel like to me now.

Lessons Learned:

  • Know the sound of your bike, if it starts making a different sounds then you expect, then something has changed (could be for the good or for the bad, but mostly the bad).

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