Thursday, 24 July 2014

Rant: Bike to Work Month!

Last May, it was Bike to work month. The idea was that people who don't normally bike to work, give it a shot.  Do it for the month and you might just find yourself doing it even more.  Sounds great?

Here in the city of Ottawa, the bike police decided to do an inspection on the bike path looking for people who didn't have a bell on their bike and then proceeded to ticket them.  No warning, just an out right ticket.  I would say, most of the people who got the ticket.. were people who pulled out their bikes from the garage and were trying the whole bike to work thing out.. and it left a very sour taste in their mouths.

Yes, it's their responsibility to review the rules.. but how is this encouraging people to bike if police are fining people for no bells?  Warnings, I can totally understand... *sigh*

Lessons Learned:
  • When you see a few men dressed in Navy blue, go another direction. I have nothing to hide but I also don't want the hassle.

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