Friday, 11 July 2014

Do I sell these?

A common question is, where does one buy it?  Or how do I get one?  I never have a good answer for it..  But I am always willing to offer to make one for someone.  $3000 and I'll make you one.  It's lots of parts from lots of different places.

The other day I went back to a shop where I got my tire replaced (I ran over a nail this time,  Tubeless or not, I think I would of been done in.) the Velo / Bike shop is a tiny place and any work he the owner does, everyone can see from the street.  This lead to the me going back to the shop, looking if there was anything that could help me with my ride.  I'm honestly not to happy with my bag I put on the front.

When I got there, the owner was very happy to see me.  He mentioned that after he worked on my bike, there were people coming into the store asking about where did that "fat tire black bike come from." etc.  He took a guess at 3k and I confirmed he was right.  But no one was "that" interested in a bike like that for that much money. Guess I just see a bigger picture.

The way I look at it is:
  1. No more gas, cost me about $2 to recharge the battery, many times less as the battery barely ever goes below 80%
  2. I was thinking of getting a second car and now I am not.  Winter, I'll be driving this until I can't anymore.. and then I'll be taking the bus.  If I can bike until end of October-Mid November, I'll be very happy.
  3. No gym membership required.
Lessons Learned:
  • I should have some business cards made up.
  • Take time and enjoy the ride, here's an example of how the end of my trip normally ends.

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