Monday, 27 October 2014

Path Ediquite

Biking on paths is a lot different then when your on a bike path and I on my daily route to work 1/4 of the ride is on paths.  Normally, everything is fine and no one is on the path.  However this morning, there was someone walking their dog.

So I slow down from 21km to 10km, since passing dogs is VERY unpredictable.  I let the person slowly walk to a wider area of the path, slowing me down to 5km (barely moving), so now I have the space to pass the person, I nod my head and say "Good day" and go.

The person starts to yell and scream at me after I passed them "THANK YOU, SO VERY MUCH. YOUR WELCOME, YOUR WELCOME!!" in a very angry tone.

So am I to stop, thank the person that they let me pass? No.

So am I to speed pass them and hit them on the way through the pass? No.

So am I to slow down, pass them when it's safe and pass them at a slow speed? Yes.

So what was this persons problem?  

There is medication for people like this.

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  1. I find having an action camera helps with this. Most people behave if they're being recorded. For the ones that don't care, it tells you they're really nuts -- stay as far away as possible.