Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gear: Winter Biking Gloves

I've looked around for a while, for a pair of biking gloves that looks like it would hold up some wind and keep my fingers warm, all while still providing some padding to the palm of my hands.  And I can't find anything I like, in my hand size.

So I came up with this little combo.  I was somewhat happy with the results but I think once it get's to -10c, this won't cut it anymore.

Left = Nylon glove to break the wind
Center = Traditional biking glove
Right = The two combined together


  1. I've been scouring online sites for good bicycle winter gloves. They exist but are a bit pricey. Pearl Izumi has a nice lobster glove.

    I got a good pair that works from MWW. But the downer is, no reflective strips on the gloves.

  2. Insulated leather work gloves are wind proof, water resistant, and padded. The type with sheepskin lining is good, and they're cheap at any hardware or feed store.

    Also pogies (Google it) are a great solution for longer distances and variable glove use, depending on temperature.

    1. Yup, thought about going with just pogies.. Might make my own. I'll have to gauge the coldness on the day that I'm riding.