Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Updates to the bike

Last time I drove in the rain, my entire back was one long strip of mud.  From my helmet, to my neck, etc.. I expect to get dirty when driving a bike like this but it was a little excessive.  I finally decided to add a rear fender to the back side of the bike.  I haven't tested it to see if it captures the break away water or not but I am sure I'll find out shortly! I had to screw it into the rack as the real estate on my seat post is a premium, due to my short legs!

As for the controller I moved it from the bag to a custom center tube device that give it plenty of breath and out of my way. It's a simple pray painted electrical elbow that I cut the guts out of with a steel saw, sanded and painted flat black. I put on new pedals too as the last ones cause my feet to slip off when they got wet.


  1. I did fenders the opposite; I have the back one coming soon but the front one will come later.

    The elbow seems like a good idea. It seems like the case (and your frame attached to it) will become a heat sink to help cool your controller.

    How waterproof is it? It looks like it has a big opening where the wires are going in.

    1. I have it filled with insulation tape, nice 1 inch thick, wrapped in a coil formation. I plan on moving this on the weekend to the left and forward more. It's not in the ideal position for when I have to stop and step off the pedals.