Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Crazy is what Crazy does

Sometimes I try other routes when going home, makes the ride a little different each time.  This time I ended up on some back streets with a lot of 1 ways and stop signs everywhere, near St.Pauls Chuch.

I think that's where the crazy people drive.  I'm dumb founded by people...

ZONE 1: I turned onto a 1 way street.  Realizing this, I decided to get off that road and move back into a two way street.  Moving from ZONE 1 to ZONE 2.  Blue mini-van see me, they were stopped, white car was stopped and I was cleared to go by the white car.

ZONE 2: Blue minivan comes up right behind me, I'm off to the far right side but stopped at the stop sign.  I don't have signal lights, as I'm a bicycle! I did use my hand gesture but the blue mini-van had no signal lights blinking that I could see.  So I turned right into ZONE 3.

ZONE 3: This is a very short road and there is a car parked on the side, so I have to go out a little bit but now the blue mini-van is hitting the gas and coming right up behind me quickly, felt like they were trying to run me over.  So the up coming stop sign I slow down but don't come to a complete stop as I want to get out of the way of this blue Mini-van.  I coast into ZONE 4, pulling over to let crazy driver go by.

ZONE 4: Person in the mini-van stops before the stop sign and whales down their horn, I look over and they are flipping me the finger.  I should of just let them take off but now I wanted to know why they were SO mad.  They pull forward to the stop sign and I have enough time to bring my bike around the mini-van to the drivers side window.  Asking what there problem was.  She starts screaming at me that I was driving on a one way street, and now just went through a stop sign. 

Which I then informed her she just tried to run me over with her mini-van!  She starts to swear and becomes completely in coherent.  I pull away as she is freaking out and I can't be bothered.  So I pull around and decide that I'm going to stop for a moment.  Where she pulls down her passenger side window screaming "ENJOY YOUR HOT DOG!" Which I didn't understand until I realized I'm stopped at a "French Fry Shop".

Crazy people are crazy.  I don't care how bad you conceive my driving is, there is no reason to use a vehicle to try and run someone over.  I think she just hates people on bikes.. I will never know.

Think I'm going to invest in a Camera as BigRedCylesdale mentioned in a previous comment.


  1. Wow, a nutcase of the first degree. I felt bad for you but the way you described her made me laugh. Especially that ENJOY YOUR HOT DOG part, it reduced me to tears.

    Yeah I heartily recommend a camera. People tend to behave when they suspect they are being filmed. It's also great for getting shots in while you ride.

  2. A: love the diagrams.
    2: yes, get a camera
    III: I want a hot dog now.