Friday, 24 October 2014

Some changes again...

In a quest for the perfect bike for me, I've changed a few things around.  First I moved the controller box that I created from the down tube to the side of the handle bar.  Not sure why I didn't think of this at the start, but when in bed and just about to pass out.. It hit me that I could put it there, totally out of my way.

Second is in preparation of biking in the winter.  I've come across a few places that talk about how to drive a bike in the winter and they said putting the wires/cables enclosed in a old rubber tube can help save the cables from winter exposure.  I'm not sure it will help that much but I moved my running wire from the controller to the front motor to sit behind the front fork and then enclosed it in a old rubber tube.  So now all my wires and most of my gear cables and hydraulic lines are encased in rubber.  It might help, it might not..

Lessons Learned: 

  • The down tube should never have anything on it, it's a great place to mount the bike and get off the bike from.

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