Monday, 20 October 2014

-1 C and my first go at winter gear = FAIL!

Okay, so it wasn't a complete FAIL, more like some adjustments need to be made.  The Balaclava that I have looks like this one (1) which worked for keeping my head and eat warm but I was unable to suck in enough air through my mouth to keep me going, with out exposing my nose.  I ended up puking a little bit due to the lack of oxygen or to the fact that I was riding at 4:30am.  So now I am going on the hunt for a mask that covers my head, covers my nose and lets me breath though my mouth.  Also, with this balaclava on, my sunglasses fog up instantly the moment I stop moving.

I'll look for something like (2) balaclava but I know I will just end up with (3) style of balaclava.  Sometimes the traditional ones work the best.

My toes were a bit cold but that's due to me foolishly forgetting to wear my boots and wore my sneakers!  It's a learning curve.

I also decided to take the route I was planning on taking in the winter, due to the bike paths won't be shoved and I came across a pile of new construction, which is clearly not designed around people walking or biking around.  Scott St is a mess.  I may have to take Summer Set St, which to me freaks me out.  I always feel like if I am going to get "Doored", that's the road it going to happen on.

Lessons Learned:

  • Take your time going out the door, you will miss something. Always.

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  1. If you've learned something, its not a FAIL, it's a learning experience. And unfortunately for us winter biking newbies, this winter will be full of chilly education. :D

    I have some neat gear that works as a balaclava. I will post it up this week.