Monday, 17 August 2015

To much of a lock system?

So my kids bike was stolen from him while he was at the bike, about 1 meter away.. and then his friend got his stolen from his backyard.  Then I heard of the neigbour who had their bike stolen.. and I would cry if my bike got stolen.  I've put so much time and effort... 

So I found a really lock locking cable, which allows me to wrap up the rear tire and then through the frame and then through the front tire and back to the U-lock.

Front tire has the electric motor and the back is worth just about as much as the front.  As long as I am willing to carry it, I guess it doesn't matter... but I'm really starting to think I need to shave a bit of weight off the bike.

I am normally carring a spare tube, two multi-tools, one patch kit, small hand pump, vice grips, long cable lock, ulock, spare sun glasses, spare clear glasses for night driving, few nuts and bolts.  Most of this fits in the front pouch and the rear I keep available for when I need to peel off a coat, or put another layer on (if I packed it) and I keep a rain coat in there too!  

Maybe it's to much...  I'll have to re-evaluate my daily gear.


  1. I'd shed a lot of those tools. One bike-specific multitool will do you better than 2 general multitools and a vice grip. If you are worried about a bad break down, a cellular phone and $20 will get you out of that bind more easily.

    I've seen commuters who just leave their locks at work. Saves a lot of weight as the u-locks are heavy.

    If you have a kick stand, consider shedding that too. It's convenient to stand your bike up in the middle of no-where but they're usually pretty heavy and not essential.

    Honestly the biggest weight savings in your case would be, new frame & new wheels. Carbon fiber is nice and light. It makes your wallet really light too :D.

  2. I've been looking for one multi tool that can do what I am looking for. But so far I haven't found it. The vice grips is a general tools for wheel/pedal/odd and ends type of stuff, which I plan on ditching out of my tool bag by the end of week. I've already removed the spare tube, roll of gorilla tape, bike pump, patch kit, spoke tightener and the spare screws I was carrying around..

    But the kick stand only weights in at 1lbs and for me, it's a lot more important than I ever thought it would be.

    I'm not worried about the weight just I've added stuff to my tool bag over time and it's time to clean it up. :)

    I've been looking into getting an frame but I don't think it's worth it until this one gives up on me. My rear tire is already as light as possible but the front I can't do anything about until I decide to get another motor. Which if I do, I will just end up with a road bike instead and safe the electric bike for other times.