Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Beach Time

So I took some time off and my wife convinced me to bring my fat bike with me on vacation.  I was a bit reluctant at first, as the bike is fairly large and cumbersome.  But putting the bike in the back, I took the rear wheel off (quick release) and then spun the seat 180 and walla, it fit like a glove!

So with all that said, I was driving on sand like it was on pavement.  Rode smooth!  I kept getting looks from other campers, with confused looks as anyone with a mountain bike style of bike had to get off and walk the bike around.

There was a lot of people puttering around on golf carts, some with jacked up wheels like it was a 4x4 truck!  But I was able to get around on my own.  Over all in a week, I had about 5 people stop me and ask me questions about it.  Some asked me if I make/sell them (which I don't).  But someone pointed out to me, which I never gave much thought too...  

"Not only are you driving around a fat bike that has an electric motor on it but it's also the first front wheel drive bike I've ever seen..."

The guy has a point but I never thought of my bike being a front wheel drive.  Either way I think of it as all wheel drive, motor on the front and pedal power on the back.

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