Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Over time, slowly morphing

I've recently starting to think about how my bike has changed over time and the bike is starting to be come more and more of what I want it to be.  Things change.

Stage 1: First year, running rear motor, straight handle bars and controller is still in a rear metal box.  Bike still looks mint and at this point both tires are default and still have tubes.

Stage 2: Moved the motor to the front, still have straight handlebars but now lifted up a little bit.  Took the controller out of the rear and moved it to a re-purposed electrical box.  Added bag to the front and the rear rack is now functional and has mud fender on the back end.  Replaced gel cover with an actual gel seat.  Rear tire is tubeless, front still has a tube.

Stage 3:  Removed side bars for rear rack, added large capacity bag to the rear, replaced entire rear tire with a Surly Rolling Daryl with a Salsa quick release hub.  Tire is now is also tubeless. Front rubber and rear rubber has been replaced due to being worn out. Controller moved out to the right side / front to get it out of my way.  Bike is faster and smoother than ever.

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