Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I GOT Screwed!

I decided to take a different path then I normally take and go along some side streets to change up the view a little.  Little spice to the trip, which I knew would of made the trip longer.  But I found myself in a zone that was just a construction zone, so chunks of metal, rocks, random debris were all over the side of the road.  

Then it I heard it.. Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick.  I stopped and found that my front tire was hit with a screw.  The tire still had air but I could feel it starting to loose some pressure.  I decided to continue driving for another 15min before the tire finally gave up and down the front tire went.  I was about 10min ride left to go!

I just removed my spare tube, pump, etc.. from my bag.  So I was left with just calling my wife to come pick me up.  As she reminded me, "Murphys law!" I've decided to continue with the lack of spare tube at this time and tell Murphy to go away!  In this case, Murphy law should dictate that if I start carring a spare tube, nothing will happen...

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