Friday, 14 August 2015

Quest for the perfect kickstand

Found it!

But first I just want to mention that when I asked in a facebook group if anyone had any ideas of what kind of kickstand a fatbike could/should be using, all I found were trolls.  I mean, lot and lots of trolls mocking at the question.  So with zero help from forums and groups, I ditched them all.  So if anyone knows of a forum or group that is actually willing to help, offer ideas and have no trolls conversations about topics, let me know. 

The Internet. It good and bad all rolled up into one and zeros.

With that said, I went to a few bike shops and they had nothing that was even close to what I was looking for and looking the last store I found this little gem hidden with no price tag.  From a manufacturer called Massload according to ebay these go for $45 - $80 each but the store gave it to me for $25!

It holds my bike up nicely and added 1lb to the bike weight but now I don't have to look to hard for a place to put it against.  I can't tell you how happy I am with this little find.  If they had more, I would of bought one for each of my kids bikes.. they seem strong and sturdy.


  1. Hey Mike, how has your kickstand lasted? Any follow-up to shared with your extended experience?


    1. I ended up using a single kick stand that mounts to the back diamond frame. The one shown ended up, by my own fault to "crush" the frame, as I had to tighten it once in a while. When I took a jump, the frame snapped due to being bent out of shape.