Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fat Bike Tire Bite

Driving on fat bike tires has its up and downs. 

Penny Farthing

  • They take pot hole hits really well and don't pop under weight;
  • They take my weight (300 lbs);
  • They can be deflated to take snow and mud easier;
  • Drive through rain and feel like your one dry pavement;
  • When you start going, then they don't want to stop going.  I think this has to do with the extra 4" that are added onto the already 26" rim.  Larger circumference = more momentum. Imagine a Penny Farthing.
  • Just fun.
  • They are big, so you need a special frame (duh!);
  • They can be expensive to replace (the one shown here wasn't);
  • When you take a corner, they over steer (bite) onto the pavement and want to turn more than a normal road bike would want, which requires more effort to turn when going under 20km, over 20km it just glides around the corner;
  • You get stopped once in a while and asked a bunch of questions (which I always take the time to discuss)

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