Monday, 21 September 2015

I Inspired someone to bike to work?!?

So this happened last week and I'm still kind of surprised by the whole thing.  While doing my normal bike commute, I saw another fat bike coming down the road.  I've seen this bike before and it was driven by a younger man/teen that was going full tilt and cutting people off on the bike path (basically being an idiot). 

But a few moments later an older person pulled past me with a "Hi!" and kept on going.  No helmet and going full blast on there "Electric Fat Bike".  Little later on the ride in, I found him pulled over to the side waiting for me.  Asking if everything was okay and if he needed help, he informed me his name is Bob and this was his first time biking / commuting to work on his bike and wanted to know which way to go.

After discussing with him about his lack of helmet, informing him that google maps can help plan your biking path pretty good, we took off and began to talk about the bikes.  Found out his bike an "E-Ranger" doesn't have a trottle and only does PAS.  Which explains why he was moving like a bat out of hell... and killing his battery quickly.  According to him, he will void his warranty if he adds a trottle to his bike.  Seemed like an odd restriction.

While biking he then told me that he saw me last winter on my bike and said "YES, that's what I want to do and how I get around.  No spandex, No traffic, big tires.." so at his age of nearly 60, he said I inspired him to bike to work on an electric fat bike.

Who knew??

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