Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Drafting Requests

While I was biking back home from work, Going East to West, Along the Ottawa River, I seem to always be heading in the direction of the wind. 

The other day, the wind was pretty high and someone pulled up behind me and yelled "Mind if I draft?" which I replied, "sure, what ever." I'm on an electric bike, so when the wind is high, just means I have to engage my electric assist motor a little more often.

Prior to this, I've only read about Drafting on a friends blog where he was talking about drafting on a road bike.

After 10km, I had to make my turn where the person behind me yells "THANKS, that helped out a lot!"

This maybe the first time someone on a road bike thanked me for being on the path.

1 comment:

  1. Well no one's ever thanked me for being on a path so I guess you're one up on me LOL.

    Drafting is super helpful. You can conserve 30% of your energy drafting. I was actually drafting you a little the time I was following you on my hybrid. Didn't get too close though, that can freak people out who aren't used to it (I usually ride an inch or two away).

    GCN had a good video demonstrating this: