Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Can't breath

Sometimes the days are -25 and I can't breath.  I picked up this mask, I thought it would be amazing.  Covers my nose but allows me to breath with all the mesh holes.

After trying it out, 5min into biking I couldn't breath!  I was gasping for air and I felt almost like fainting.  My conclusion is, my head was just to darn big for this XL mask.  Now to find someone with a smaller head to give it to.

Now I am just using two buffs.  One for my neck/lower part of my face and the other to cover the top of my head.  It works much better and way easier to adjust.

I also do have another mask that I have used, where I have a snorkel mouth piece attached to the front of the mask, allowing me to breath but that's for -30!

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