Friday, 29 May 2015

And now.. I wait.

So I went to a few local bike shops and some of them just said "Nope, nothing we can do for you!" 

Looking for:

  • 26 x 4" wheel
  • 170 mm hub span
  • Quick release hub "not the single pin through new style"
  • Tubeless re-install
  • New spokes, as I broke 2 also..
Thankfully the rim is fine but I already have another 3 sets of rims, just none set for the back wheel.

So finally finding a store that was willing to rebuild under $300.00!  I'm finally now just sitting back to wait for it to be completed.  At the same time, I'm getting a different gear caset installed with a lower and higher gear ratio installed.  Currently my max speed while peddling is around 22-26km.

  • New spokes
  • New Hub (bigger/tougher)
  • New rear gear set.
Lessons Learned:
I should have a spare rear tire "complete" ready to swap out, otherwise I will be with out a bike for 2 weeks.  I say this, because with all my bikes, due to my weight and the strength of my legs, I have a tendency to warp rear rims.  This was a problem with my last "hybrid mountain bike" where I kept 2 spare rear wheels.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Rear hub exploded...

While adventuring around in I hit a huge bump that I didn't see coming and I broke my rear hub.  Snapped the pin right in half. So everytime I took a pedal step, the tire would cave into the bike frame.

Took the rear wheel off and bits of metal, bearing, all just flopped onto the ground.  So my rear tire is now dead.  Time to bring the rim to my local bike shop and see what they can do, to get me back up and running.  I'm not to hopeful and I just might end up having to buy a rear rim with a new hub already in place...

So for now, I'm off my bike again. *SIGH*

Monday, 4 May 2015

Two weeks, legs are back!

So after a long winter here in Canada, I am now back to biking daily to work at a decent speed but starting was painful!  Over the winter months I had lost a lot of the power that was in my legs but after two weeks of biking, I am darn near close to what I was.

Over the winter I picked up a few things but I haven't had a chance to install them yet.

Side note: After winter, a full inspection should be done!  I found out that on my rear disk I only had 3 screws left and at the front I had one screw left... which I found out when I started to hear "CLANK, CLANK, CLANK, BONG!" the bong being my break pad flying off while I was stopping to understand what the CLANK sound was...

I have:
New breakpads
New pedals with feet mounts (ones that my feet slip into)
New leather saddle.

I need to find a good size water bottle holder that I can mount to my front fork.