Friday, 30 January 2015

Tried and failed. Again....

So I finally tried again to bike into work, I modified my face mask so that my mouth could fully breath. I greased up all my gears, etc..  There was no snow and the weather was calling for low -9 and a high of -5, perfect!  I started to ride and it was FREEZING.  I stopped and looked at my phone again and it said the same thing, expect it was currently -19.  Gah.  But I still continued to bike to work.  I've never heard of any other job, where you can report on things and be wrong 40% of the time and still remain employed.  

And then it snowed. I was plowing through about 2 inches or more at times and this is that slippery stuff.  While going straight, I wiped out for no reason at all.  Crack goes my side mirror and I think my rear break line snapped.  So I give up, there is no safe way for me to get around town as a commuter.  Time to review the road and bike again mid February.  Until then, I'm driving to work.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Recreational biking vs. Commuting

So commuting out of my town is near impossible, while remaining safe cycling.  But I am able to bike around, which I was able to do for 4 hours on the weekend and man, do I miss it.. and man, my legs were burning!

I've been thinking about replacing my current straight handlebar with one that is similar to one that found Stopped by at a local bike shop and picked up some new handlebars, to give me a more of a cruiser feel but I have my eyes on a BMX style handle bar.

It's going to be a pain to try the handle bars out before I go spend some cash on a higher quality handle bar.  But after being on the straight bar for 4hrs my wrists started to hurt.  My thought is, that with this style of bar, I can move it forward or back, depending on my mood.  Aerodynamics is not something I care to much about when my average speed is 22 km

Monday, 19 January 2015

Safe riding

My plan was to bike into work this morning but I decided that I had to figure out a safe path to go from point A (Home) to point B (Work), so when I was driving around on the weekend, I looked all all my options and I'm rather disappointed that there is no safe way for me to bike out of my little town of Aylmer to Ottawa.  Once I get to the bridge (half way mark) then there is plenty of cleared paths and cleared off shoulders that I could ride.. but getting to the bridge will be impossible with out being one of those bike riders who rides along with traffic but is forcing drivers of cars to vear out of my way.

Even the shoulders on the roads aren't being plowed.  I thought for sure with my bike I would be able to handle the shoulders but it's about a foot tall everywhere (not talking the lower Aylmer road, that is plowed but that shoulder is slanted and I'll end up in culvert/ditch on the first ice patch)

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Getting back on the saddle.

I haven't rode my bike since last year!

I have to admit, over the holidays I didn't bike as much as I wanted.. and I got really use to driving the truck around.  Has a auto starter, so it's nice and warm when I get in it.  Outside is just cold, messy, slush, icy and over all, not very pleasant to be in.  I know I love the ride and just getting on the saddle and taking the first pedal rotation could convince myself of that.

But I just can bring myself to hammer my face with frost bite weather.

For the month of January I'm going to remain off the bike.  *SIGH*

I should of grown out my beard for the winter, guess that's next years plan. My goatee needs to morph!