Monday, 6 July 2015

Reverting back... ARG!

So someone gave me this awesome rolling daryl rim at an amazing price.  So I took it. I might have been a bit to excited and got my rubber moved over and converted the rim to a true tubeless design. The rear wheel span is 170mm, which is the wheel span from my previous frame.  So?  This means I have to revert back to my old bike frame.  And so the conversion begins. Tire fits on the old frame but the new frame had a wheel span of 180mm.

Seems I just can't win... I know I am doing it to myself and it's all self inflicted pain, as I could of been happy with what I already had going but nope! I'm looking for that perfect ride for me... which will take time, patience and more time.  Feels like I am chasing after a intangible.  But I know, this is all going in the right direction.

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