Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bolts.. a bane of my issues...

One of my disks are warped, causing a "gallop" effect when I am stopping.  It started to bug me enough that I decided to pull out another wheel and try to remove the disk and put it on my existing rim.  OMG!  The bolts use on this, the size doesn't exist.  T14 to small, T16 to big!  With all my tools, I had nothing that fit this!  So I pulled out my drill bit that is to remove screws.. Got one out and BANG!!! Bit is broken.

So the remainder came out with a pair of vice grips and lots of struggling.  That said, I toss all those bolts into the garbage and replaced them with a standard T14.

Lessons Learned (again):
You get what you pay for...

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