Friday, 10 July 2015


I think I'm going to cry.  I keep on at this and just something and something else..

So I got this really nice rim.  New hub.  But this rim can be converted to a tubeless tire native and not the ghetto version (Rubber tire).

And hiss........ hisss.......... hiss......... is all I heard once I got the tire pumped up to 20psi.  I normally ride around 25psi!


So after looking at the tire, seems they built it with no rim tape but just duck tape.  At 20psi, a tiny flick would break that seal.... and it did.

So, NOT being someone who gives up easily.  I found some gorilla tape and cut off a piece and tucked it in.  And pumped it back up and it held!
And then, I sat on the bike.. PSSS!!!!HISSS!!!

So I am now down a rear tire still......after all this!  Still not riding..... I am very upset with the whole situation. 

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