Monday, 13 July 2015

Mineral Oil

So my hydraulic cables are leaking, after filling them back up, I lost pressure right away and found fluid on the ground.  So now it's time to swap to a cable based system.  

So after replacing my breaks from hydraulic to a cable based system, my first "test run" went great. I stopped and didn't feel as if the breaks were sliding on the disks.  But turning around, I found my breaking performance dramatically decreased.  Going for another run, my breaks almost didn't work at all!

I got back home and inspected the breaks, they look like they are stilled aligned, so it wasn't something came loose.  Then I touched the disk itself... and my hand was kind of black.  So the hydraulic fluid spilled onto the disks.  Taking the pads off the bike, they were ruined!  Brand new... disk pads.. GONE!

So now it's degreasing time and new pads as the new ones and the old ones were all wrecked.. That's 4 sets of pads lost within a single day.  I am AMAZING!!!

I'm near the finish line... getting ready to ride this beast that I've created.  I sure hope it will be worth it all.


  1. Reading your last few posts seem to reflect the woes I've had this year as well.

    The best solution I've seen so far? Have two bikes. One breaks down, you still have the other.

    In your case I'd set up two fat bikes for commuting. One breaks down, you have the backup one. Then you can fix the broken one without worrying about not riding.

    Might be an expensive proposition for most; but if memory serves me you easily have enough spare parts to build 2 fat bikes. If you have the necessary stuff (or at least, get there cheaply) it might be a good option.

  2. I've been thinking of getting a road bike as my second bike. I may have enough parts for 3 fat bikes by now. :) Just missing the third frame.

    Btw, the Canadian Tire fat bike was beyond junk. Other than the frame.

  3. Coming to join the dark side (road bike) huh? :D

    Yeah CDN Tire bikes are usually good for a kid for a year as a beater bike. I had hoped their fat line was solid though.

    1. I've made my money on random parts but using it 100% as is, sold. Nope!