Thursday, 15 January 2015

Getting back on the saddle.

I haven't rode my bike since last year!

I have to admit, over the holidays I didn't bike as much as I wanted.. and I got really use to driving the truck around.  Has a auto starter, so it's nice and warm when I get in it.  Outside is just cold, messy, slush, icy and over all, not very pleasant to be in.  I know I love the ride and just getting on the saddle and taking the first pedal rotation could convince myself of that.

But I just can bring myself to hammer my face with frost bite weather.

For the month of January I'm going to remain off the bike.  *SIGH*

I should of grown out my beard for the winter, guess that's next years plan. My goatee needs to morph!


  1. Not just a beard, a really grown out "I've been living in the back woods" kind of beard is best.

    At least the lumberjack look is "in" this year! :D