Sunday, 25 January 2015

Recreational biking vs. Commuting

So commuting out of my town is near impossible, while remaining safe cycling.  But I am able to bike around, which I was able to do for 4 hours on the weekend and man, do I miss it.. and man, my legs were burning!

I've been thinking about replacing my current straight handlebar with one that is similar to one that found Stopped by at a local bike shop and picked up some new handlebars, to give me a more of a cruiser feel but I have my eyes on a BMX style handle bar.

It's going to be a pain to try the handle bars out before I go spend some cash on a higher quality handle bar.  But after being on the straight bar for 4hrs my wrists started to hurt.  My thought is, that with this style of bar, I can move it forward or back, depending on my mood.  Aerodynamics is not something I care to much about when my average speed is 22 km


  1. Handlebars always come into play when it comes to comfort. They've impacted me most by hand positions and body form.

    Flat bars are great for stability and technical riding. Think of steering around a rock at low speed. But it puts your hands and arms in an unnatural position that will hurt after long rides.

    You might find these helpful:
    - Bar ends are cheap and add a completely different hand position to flat bars.
    - Trekking bars add a variety of hand positions and would be compatible with your existing hardware. They can shift your position in comfortable, but not drastic, ways.

    Sheldon Brown's site has a lot of great info about handlebars and pretty much everything on two wheels:

    They go on about other options and why they're great (or terrible) based on your needs and situation.

  2. I've seen those bars before and if I get around to re-writing the eprom of the controller to reverse the > to a < equation, then that would work. But the PAS (Pedal Automated System - When I pedal, power is added to the hub instantly) is broken, so what ever I use has to be accessible for the throttle grip and I have to be able to move the bar around vs. my hands around.