Monday, 19 January 2015

Safe riding

My plan was to bike into work this morning but I decided that I had to figure out a safe path to go from point A (Home) to point B (Work), so when I was driving around on the weekend, I looked all all my options and I'm rather disappointed that there is no safe way for me to bike out of my little town of Aylmer to Ottawa.  Once I get to the bridge (half way mark) then there is plenty of cleared paths and cleared off shoulders that I could ride.. but getting to the bridge will be impossible with out being one of those bike riders who rides along with traffic but is forcing drivers of cars to vear out of my way.

Even the shoulders on the roads aren't being plowed.  I thought for sure with my bike I would be able to handle the shoulders but it's about a foot tall everywhere (not talking the lower Aylmer road, that is plowed but that shoulder is slanted and I'll end up in culvert/ditch on the first ice patch)

1 comment:

  1. Being safe should always be first and foremost.

    Is the bike path impassable?

    Would this help on the lower road:
    DIY studs?

    I'm rooting for you!