Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I've Always Loved to Bike

I can remember being a child, biking to first grade.. loving the ride to school and back.. not caring to much about being at school.  I always though, it would be awesome to have a small motor to help me along.  So, just the other day I realized that I achieved a life time goal.

To be honest, there are times I wish the motor wasn't there as it add's A LOT of resistance to the ride and I am carrying around an extra 125lbs! But it's worth it.  Just the other day, I went for a 45km bike ride, where I was peddling as hard and as long as I could, pushing myself into part of the town I wouldn't normally go with my bike, I could feel the inside of my coat was drenched in sweat and my hands were sore.  I pushed myself to a limit I would normally never go to, since you have to save energy to bring your tired body home too.  But that day, I saved nothing, I pushed and pushed. Felt great... and then I realized I was fairly far from home, in fact two towns away!

So, I turned on the motor, while still peddling to keep the bike moving along.. I got home, exhausted and I ended getting more out of myself then I normally would have.

Along the way home from a long ride, I saw another fat tire bike rider, riding along the side of the road, on the dirt path, I waved a nice "Hello." and in return, he gave me the finger.  Guess he saw that I put an electric motor on the bike and just assumed I converted it to an electric motor cycle or maybe he just doesn't like to be social.


  1. The finger? Well, that was just rude!

  2. I don't get the rude behaviour at all. You have a calm, friendly demeanor and you seem like the last person who would bring out the bad in people. And I'm saying this as one of the rude people (didn't I flip you off in traffic once years ago without realizing it was you? :D ).

    Maybe your area is just rife with e-bike hating? I personally don't get that one either. Who cares what people ride. Ride whatever you like, however you like and enjoy yourself.