Monday, 15 December 2014

Oh ya. I'm love'n it.

My target for biking into work was until the end of October, then it changed to end of November now, it's any day that isn't expecting 10cm+ snow falls.  I can't believe that December 15th, I'm still biking into work!

When riding into work, I pass another fat bike rider.. and waved "hi" gesture to them and they waved back.. nice to see other people still riding.  However, I came across this one person who was still on a bike and it was one of those high performance bikes with super skinny tires, no studs...  How does he even move in the snow?

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  1. There's a few trains of thought when it comes to winter biking. Fat bikes do the floatation thing. But skinnier tires will cut through shallow snow pretty effectively.

    Maybe the bike you saw was a cyclocross bike? They have drop handlebars just like a road bike but they have thicker tires (which would look super skinny to a guy used to fat bike tires :D ). People ride them off road and through mud so they're used to less than ideal traction.